The City of Batumi


This is a city located at the sea side of on the black coast of the Adjara which is an autonomous republic in Georgia. Batumi is widely known mainly because of the economic activities carried out in the city and is of great importance to the country at large. The location of Batumi I that where agriculture is widely done. People in this area grow fruits such as citrus and tea. Being a port due to its location on the sea side, the city of Batumi, attracts millions of tourists. This has led to development of the city where hotels have been built and tourist attractions sites developed.

The city is said to have a capacity of eighty thousand tone tankers which dock at the port to bring goods shipped from other countries. In addition to this the major exports of the country are said to come from this city. Its climate and potential to grow has attracted several investors into the city. The weather is favorable since the temperature is approximately 14 degrees Celsius. The precipitation is two thousand seven hundred and eighteen millimeters annually. This is a sign that the place is neither too cold nor too hot. This is why agriculture is favored by the area in the entire country.

The history of Batumi is traced back to the colonial period. As at that time this city was referred to as the ancient Greek colony. It was later converted to a port through which transportation via water was made easy. The city was later expanded in the year 1883 during the time when a railway was under construction in the area. The Batumi Tiflis Baku railway was completed in 1900 and the Baku Batumi pipeline too.

Batumi has gain fame in the tourism world as been a hub of recreation and adventure. It is a perfect place to travel too and spend your vacation.